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Pensacola Beach, Florida on Santa Rosa Island

We invite you to set foot on one of the world’s longest barrier islands, preceded by over 450 years of history, making Pensacola Beach, Florida on Santa Rosa Island a Florida vacation destination in the first order!  Experience true island style living while you relax, play, and enjoy our sugar white-sands and emerald waters only steps away from your choice of accommodations—Gulf front homes, townhouses, condominiums, and more offered by us at Pensacola Beach Vacation Rentals.  Rest assured our island and the surrounding area features activities for beachgoers of all a

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I once did experiment in IE6 and Firefox 2.x. The "F5" refresh would trigger a HTTP request sent to the server with an "If-Modified-Since" header, while "Ctrl+F5" would not have such a header. In my understanding, F5 will try to utilize cached content as much as possible, while "Ctrl+F5" is intended to abandon all cached content and just retrieve all content from the servers again.

But today, I noticed that in some of the latest browsers (Chrome, IE8) it doesn't work in this way anymore. Both "F5" and "Ctrl+F5" send the "If-Modified-Since" header.

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